Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A sprinkle of Italiano.

Vodka Carbonara with Cranberry and Nut Salad.
The other day I made a delicious household specialty called Vodka Carbonara.  A simple bow tie pasta with a gentle twist.  Took the liberty to share this recipe with you lovely readers.  Hope you enjoy and Salud!

1 box of dried pasta (bow tie)
1 pound of ground beef (turkey)
12 oz of marinara sauce or all ready made vodka sauce
2 tbsp of vodka (if using the regular sauce)
2 handfulls of mozzarella cheese
1-3 tbsp of powdered garlic, onion, pepper (depending on your taste)
A dash of cayenne pepper
1 packet of Sazon

First take the ground beef and start to gently massage it using your hands.  Add the servings of garlic, onion, pepper, cayenne and Sazon to the meat.  Work it all the way making the spices blend evenly with the meat.  Make sure you have preheated the skillet to a medium high heat and boiling heat for the pasta.  Add some butter to the skillet and place the meat in it.  Start breaking through the pieces making it appear into tiny bits of ground beef.  Continue doing so for about 10-15 mins.  When reached that brown color turn the stove to a low heat.  Add the pasta to the boiling water, let it cook for the established time (10-12 mins for al dente).  When finished drain the pot with the pasta and toss the pasta back in the pot (make sure to turn the stove into a medium heat.  Add the sauce and the tbsp of vodka, mix.  Add the handful of cheese and throw in the all ready cooked meat, mix.  When done mixing place the pasta into whichever plate desired.  You can top it off with a dash of Parsley and a bit of cheese as garnish.  Voila, Vodka Carbonara.

Stay lovely,
Francheska Natalia

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    Se ve delicioso. Intentaré realizarlo. Pronto le cuento que tal me salio.

    Yesenia Isabelle