Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I would love to be inside those eyes you hide.  The ones who only seem to become visible within my reach.  They are beautiful hiding thoughts I have the key to unlock.  I'd stand by your side in a way so full of love and grace your only choice is to give into my warmth.  Flowers burst from your words, a gentle blooming of the origin deep within a soul.  Sharing glances, smiles after your body descends across the pale tiles.  Frigid you seem to come across, in such an intriguing manner though.  I wanted to keep sharing those glances, keep seeing your face, the expressions on them.  Seconds passed now it's over, I'm left with music and words to be inspired over.  If you would pass again by this dark wooded table I'd ask for your name.  I would not sit back and wonder what passes through your brain.  Here I am still seated in this chair in the same wooded table listening to a song watching the people pass by hoping if I'll see those eyes.
Just a little thing I wrote a few months ago.

Stay Lovely,
Francheska Natalia

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