Tuesday, August 30, 2011


A little fun in our lives wont hurt us.  On Saturday I attended the Electric Daisy Carnival...it was chaotic!  Mud everywhere, people dancing their heart outs, carnival rides, vein bursting good music...  Had a great time with some lovely friends.  Sorry to keep this post short, I'm running late for university.  I hope you guys had a beautiful weekend :)

Stay Lovely,
Francheska Natalia

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Last of the Romantics.

Zara Maxi Skirt, Material Girl Bow Cropped Tee
To feel the lightweight fabric be one with the wind.  Take its shape, feel its emotions...  There is nothing more perfect than the most comfortable outfit you've ever worn.  To have that easiness and chicness come together without hesitation.  For me, that's amore!  There's this quote my mum sent me yesterday via text, it reads: "Fashion, by which what is really fantastic becomes for a moment universal." - Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray.  Nothing more truthful and filled with wisdom than those words from Oscar.  I dare you to read a good book and incorporate the taste from the pages to your next outfit choice.  Let the words caress the soul.

Stay Lovely,
Francheska Natalia

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Classic Charm. - F.N.
I have been leaning towards that classic sharp black and white ensemble.  The structure, those minuscule details... things that scream polished.  I'm not one to be infatuated by neon, shocking colors.  To be frank, they scare the crap out of this little person here.  I like to keep that certain mystery, that charming je e sais quoi.  It is utmost important for me to remain true to my mantra:  Less is more... the less you show the more they want to know.  Why be an open book?  Let mystery take control.

Stay Lovely,
Francheska Natalia      

Friday, August 12, 2011

Coveting: Lush Colors.

Lush Colors by: F.N.
The leaves are revamping, the wind is charismatic... The colors of Fall have swept me into a blissful coma.  Oh! How I adore those deep lush colors.  They bring warmth to the sadness that cunningly creeps around.  The season where the most beautiful clothes come at our reach.  There is nothing a cup of coffee and beautiful fabrics won't fix.

Stay Lovely,
Francheska Natalia

Saturday, July 30, 2011

La Vie en Rose.

To walk the streets of Paris...  Those peculiar cobblestones, the pale architecture.  There is nothing more magical than Paris at midnight.  Today, I had myself a Parisian day.  Went to see Midnight in Paris and later on had a lovely lunch at Madeleine's Bistro.  It's a lovely little french restaurant with the most exquisite sandwiches and pastries.  As a true coffee addict, I ordered the tallest one to refill my energy for the day.  There's just something about Édith Piaf singing La Vie en Rose and just gazing out the window watching leaves gracefully intertwine with the wind.  To watch simple beauty, it's a masterful act to reserve as a beautiful memory.  I believe in the simple joys life grants throughout the days of our lives.  I believe in La Vie en Rose!  
Myself after such a lovely day.

Stay lovely,
Francheska Natalia

Friday, July 29, 2011


Critical heartbeats flourished down the tips of my body.  My thoughts, on the verge of extraction. It is always the similar dream, the indistinguishable silhouette. Creep around a maze you've created; my brain has given up it's ability to function.  Acid spills on moments that seem to been abandoned.  A flick of the switch, smoke appears.  Inhaling the toxins dispersed around the emptiness of desire.  Inhale, exhale...  I wish to die a slow death.  Prefer to see you suffer while I rise above the debris.  No, there isn't a smile that appears across this mere countenance.  Just a simple sigh and silence of a lovers past fervor. 

Stay Lovely,
Francheska Natalia

Sunday, July 24, 2011


A white blank page, eyes keep widening at the dullness it shouts from the edges.  I do not think neither do I create.  The drips of the ink start a continuous melody.  I can't but repeat with raspings of contact between nail and wood.  Long and endearing, I seem to form ideas; they transport into holograms lurking throughout reality.  Yet, the paper still dull, preloved by wrecked nights.  No form of contact has ever been made.  Yearning for strokes he lays gracing the shape of the moon.  Hours gently weep the dissatisfaction I have created, leaving the hopes to scrabble the fates.  A lift of the plume and a smudge appears on white.  With precise motion it falls to the end surrounding all edges.  No drip but a continuous emotion.        
- Francheska Natalia.