Wednesday, July 13, 2011


She walks in beauty throughout the purple haze.  There may be no other realm to posses what my body wishes to have felt.  No other scent, no other freckled face would have created the amount of joy these pupils have grasped.  A small dose of your charm can turn the foulest monster into a God.  With a grace so pure I become possessive.  To know you are mine, not to be shared.  A slight curve draws across my mouth.  You are not a trophy, you are a gift.  Delicate in pale skin.  The loveliest specks of green the light shines in your eyes.  I am but a mere fool if I let you out of my sight.  A promise from me to the most deepest of wishes of time.  I ask for you not to remove her from this life.  My immortal being, I ask moments of bliss with this beauty.  She is but a loving soul that has taken me from the hole I once slept in.  I beg, I plead... this is not vanity for I see what lies in her heart.  Her beauty blooms from within all throughout.  Found the one, never to let her go.  I ask to bask in the warmth she gives the cold.   

Stay Lovely,
Francheska Natalia

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  1. Everything you write, it's absolutely beautiful.