Saturday, July 30, 2011

La Vie en Rose.

To walk the streets of Paris...  Those peculiar cobblestones, the pale architecture.  There is nothing more magical than Paris at midnight.  Today, I had myself a Parisian day.  Went to see Midnight in Paris and later on had a lovely lunch at Madeleine's Bistro.  It's a lovely little french restaurant with the most exquisite sandwiches and pastries.  As a true coffee addict, I ordered the tallest one to refill my energy for the day.  There's just something about Édith Piaf singing La Vie en Rose and just gazing out the window watching leaves gracefully intertwine with the wind.  To watch simple beauty, it's a masterful act to reserve as a beautiful memory.  I believe in the simple joys life grants throughout the days of our lives.  I believe in La Vie en Rose!  
Myself after such a lovely day.

Stay lovely,
Francheska Natalia

Friday, July 29, 2011


Critical heartbeats flourished down the tips of my body.  My thoughts, on the verge of extraction. It is always the similar dream, the indistinguishable silhouette. Creep around a maze you've created; my brain has given up it's ability to function.  Acid spills on moments that seem to been abandoned.  A flick of the switch, smoke appears.  Inhaling the toxins dispersed around the emptiness of desire.  Inhale, exhale...  I wish to die a slow death.  Prefer to see you suffer while I rise above the debris.  No, there isn't a smile that appears across this mere countenance.  Just a simple sigh and silence of a lovers past fervor. 

Stay Lovely,
Francheska Natalia

Sunday, July 24, 2011


A white blank page, eyes keep widening at the dullness it shouts from the edges.  I do not think neither do I create.  The drips of the ink start a continuous melody.  I can't but repeat with raspings of contact between nail and wood.  Long and endearing, I seem to form ideas; they transport into holograms lurking throughout reality.  Yet, the paper still dull, preloved by wrecked nights.  No form of contact has ever been made.  Yearning for strokes he lays gracing the shape of the moon.  Hours gently weep the dissatisfaction I have created, leaving the hopes to scrabble the fates.  A lift of the plume and a smudge appears on white.  With precise motion it falls to the end surrounding all edges.  No drip but a continuous emotion.        
- Francheska Natalia.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


She walks in beauty throughout the purple haze.  There may be no other realm to posses what my body wishes to have felt.  No other scent, no other freckled face would have created the amount of joy these pupils have grasped.  A small dose of your charm can turn the foulest monster into a God.  With a grace so pure I become possessive.  To know you are mine, not to be shared.  A slight curve draws across my mouth.  You are not a trophy, you are a gift.  Delicate in pale skin.  The loveliest specks of green the light shines in your eyes.  I am but a mere fool if I let you out of my sight.  A promise from me to the most deepest of wishes of time.  I ask for you not to remove her from this life.  My immortal being, I ask moments of bliss with this beauty.  She is but a loving soul that has taken me from the hole I once slept in.  I beg, I plead... this is not vanity for I see what lies in her heart.  Her beauty blooms from within all throughout.  Found the one, never to let her go.  I ask to bask in the warmth she gives the cold.   

Stay Lovely,
Francheska Natalia

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I would love to be inside those eyes you hide.  The ones who only seem to become visible within my reach.  They are beautiful hiding thoughts I have the key to unlock.  I'd stand by your side in a way so full of love and grace your only choice is to give into my warmth.  Flowers burst from your words, a gentle blooming of the origin deep within a soul.  Sharing glances, smiles after your body descends across the pale tiles.  Frigid you seem to come across, in such an intriguing manner though.  I wanted to keep sharing those glances, keep seeing your face, the expressions on them.  Seconds passed now it's over, I'm left with music and words to be inspired over.  If you would pass again by this dark wooded table I'd ask for your name.  I would not sit back and wonder what passes through your brain.  Here I am still seated in this chair in the same wooded table listening to a song watching the people pass by hoping if I'll see those eyes.
Just a little thing I wrote a few months ago.

Stay Lovely,
Francheska Natalia

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A sprinkle of Italiano.

Vodka Carbonara with Cranberry and Nut Salad.
The other day I made a delicious household specialty called Vodka Carbonara.  A simple bow tie pasta with a gentle twist.  Took the liberty to share this recipe with you lovely readers.  Hope you enjoy and Salud!

1 box of dried pasta (bow tie)
1 pound of ground beef (turkey)
12 oz of marinara sauce or all ready made vodka sauce
2 tbsp of vodka (if using the regular sauce)
2 handfulls of mozzarella cheese
1-3 tbsp of powdered garlic, onion, pepper (depending on your taste)
A dash of cayenne pepper
1 packet of Sazon

First take the ground beef and start to gently massage it using your hands.  Add the servings of garlic, onion, pepper, cayenne and Sazon to the meat.  Work it all the way making the spices blend evenly with the meat.  Make sure you have preheated the skillet to a medium high heat and boiling heat for the pasta.  Add some butter to the skillet and place the meat in it.  Start breaking through the pieces making it appear into tiny bits of ground beef.  Continue doing so for about 10-15 mins.  When reached that brown color turn the stove to a low heat.  Add the pasta to the boiling water, let it cook for the established time (10-12 mins for al dente).  When finished drain the pot with the pasta and toss the pasta back in the pot (make sure to turn the stove into a medium heat.  Add the sauce and the tbsp of vodka, mix.  Add the handful of cheese and throw in the all ready cooked meat, mix.  When done mixing place the pasta into whichever plate desired.  You can top it off with a dash of Parsley and a bit of cheese as garnish.  Voila, Vodka Carbonara.

Stay lovely,
Francheska Natalia

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wishing and Hoping.

I need to get out more.  To take breaths of fresh air, appreciate what surrounds my skin.  These last few days staying at home being warped into the world of the internet has driven me crazy.  I utterly dislike feeling useless and nevertheless a couch potato.  I'm not up to my full potential, can't even pick up and read a good book.  Honestly, I want adventure, I want laughter, I want exciting activities to cherish.  Wishing and hoping for a lovely change.

Took the liberty to snatch up some photos.  Here is my outfit from today, slouchy and comfortable :)
Stay Lovely,
Francheska Natalia

Monday, July 4, 2011


I've been in a form of hiatus.  My summer has consisted of staying in bed reading magazines and being addicted to the app.  Until I get that burst of imagination where it rightfully belongs, here are some inspiring photos I hope you'll love.


Stay lovely,
Francheska Natalia