Sunday, May 8, 2011

Joie de vivre.

'ello lovelies, I am back from a long and unwanted vacation.  I've been on a search for what's within my soul.  Unleashing the creativity from the mind.  That has been a cause from the people who have entered and the ones who have said unexpected farewells.  There's a time where one has to lay in bed and think about those who surround your life.  After all they are the ones who can make or end a day with certain moods you've never experienced before.  All I say is choose who you get close to carefully, be wise, be caring.  At times one has to be a little egoistic when it comes to those who come inside the heart. 
 My love for Parisian and New York nights has increased by the milisecond.  The culture, paintings, people, and most importantly the STYLE has taken my heart for the kill.  I am forever theirs and they are forever mine.  It's a very nonchalant care these two types of cities portray.  It has influenced my choice of clothing in a way I am very pleased with.
The reason for my unexpected leave has been the lack of words that flow through these hands.  Personal family situations have affected my reasons for just doing the things I love.  Distractions have been nothing but useless when life changing actions surprise your existence.  If you comfront them I promise the reward is worthwhile.  I've been more at peace with myself and been expressing more love to those who make my day and more love to my own persona.  It is crucial to believe in oneself to reach those dreams you set out to become reality.

Keep dreaming those dreams, loves
- Francheska Natalia.

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