Monday, December 27, 2010

What is beauty?

For a long aspect of our lives we have been fed images of what perfection and beauty is (the physical aspect of course!).  That defined jawline, those plump lips, the withering stare, the dewy skin.  It's all there, all of it is true -no lie-.  We get caught up in all this beauty somewhat could be called a God like craving. People spend hours, days, years trying to reach that perfection yet they still ask for more.  There are people who are just breathtakingly beautiful and somehow they don't feel what our eyes capture.  They have this urge, this unnecessary need to change who they are so the rest of the population can see BEAUTY.  When in fact, they looked better in the before photo than in the after.  Why the need?! You're amazing just the way you are (Yes! I'm quoting Bruno Mars).

Take a look at me, I used cover up insecurities I held inside with strokes from a brush.  Now, I don't even do my eyes...I just put mascara on and presto! eyes done.  You can see it all through the runways from Paris to Milan to New York.  People who have mastered the art of what is beauty have gone back to their roots.  They are giving a new salute to the natural and the strong.  To the people who believe in themselves and believe in the beauty the possess.

Let this new year that is days away be the perfect chance to reinvent yourself in someway.

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