Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chanel Rouge Coco

A few months ago I saw this ad for Chanel's new beauty line called Rouge Coco.  The image is breathtakingly beautiful.  It stars Vanessa Paradis in this white almost creme skin dress, her hair is gently done in an updo with few strands in her face to make her look more appealing and real.  The makeup is done flawlessly.  The face is a gentle pale, with a simmered down smokey brown eye and a beautiful rose colored lip.  Her expression is relaxed to embody the Chanel image.  The Chanel woman is one who is sure of herself, one who is classy, adores life's simplicities, also we can't leave out that the Chanel woman is a classic fashionista at heart.

Seeing this ad inspired me to do a beauty shot that would embody the same effortless beauty that is seen there.  The face is done with minimal makeup, just your basic foundation, a bit of loose powder, a pale pink based blush and the finishing touch is a matte rose lipstick.  The trick is to not swipe it on but to dab it on.  It gives a more relaxed and natural lip color.

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