Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Classy Lady.

Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of classy.  She is by far the loveliest human being ever to have graced the movie screen.  One can be quite flabbergasted by her unique beauty.  Her dashing bold brows, grand eyes, defined lips...she on other words was a beautiful sculpture of a woman.  Everything she did was done with a grace so fluent it filled our bones with love.  Her quick smile would leave any man breathless.  She is someone who has touched and changed lives.  The style in which she created a trademark for all women:  The famous Audrey Flat, which is a round black ballet flat with a thin bow at the front.  This woman inspired millions, even though she has passed she will remain an icon for years to come.  Audrey Hepburn is a name that soothes your soul when spoken of.   

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