Thursday, January 20, 2011

The lovely comes from within.

I want to share some exciting news.  Today I just found that my poetry class is going to be publishing a book and in it includes three poems written by me.  I just bursted out with excitement.  It's as if the world is giving me what I've always wanted.  The feeling of owning a book and knowing that you are co creator of it...well, it's a glorious feeling.

Ok ok back to the main issue :)  Last Saturday I probably changed outfits one too many times.  There was this volcanic eruption of clothes on my bed and then I saw.... the most perfect shorts ever a bit highwaisted and paperbagish.  I had an itch to wear something floral and everything just collided.  It was perfection.  Yes, I have a tendency to fall in love with clothes.  I wore this outfit with my favorite cognac oxfords.  It was the perfect blend of european street fashion.

It's a bit weird...when I put on certain outfits it's as if I transform into someone else.  I personally believe clothing can change your emotions.  It has something to do with your mantra and soul.  When I shop for clothes I feel an instant connection, as if the blouses, skirts, pants talked to me.  It's that connection that has led me to have beautiful pieces of clothing.

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  1. So, your blog and tumblr are utterly amazing. You seem like such a lovely girl! Congratulations on your poems being published in that book. I'm from PR, so whenever it's being sold, I'll be sure to read what you wrote. You really are an inspiration! I am thankful I found your blog, I really am. Stay lovely♥